ASP NET 8: What’s New About Authentication and Authorization

This is one of the reasons behind the request of token-based authentication from many developers. They feel that having a token and a set of authentication APIs, such as the Identity API, allows them to build a consistent user experience for SPAs. In addition, this API can also be used by native applications, i.e., desktop […]

DevOps Transformation: Learnings and Best Practices

Content Data Set Operations Upcoming Application Deadline 9th April 2023 What is Master Data Management? How is Master Data Management helping various industries? Who Can Apply for the Course? Career Services By Intellipaat What is Analytics Architecture? To enable Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) of any project components deployed to the edge or cloud, Azure Devops […]

How To Create a GPS Tracking Application?

Content Market research Developing a full-fledged product How much does it cost to create a GPS app? Face Recognition Automatic Attendance System is All We Need in Business Best Practices for Mobile Location-Based App Development How much does it cost to develop a native GPS navigation app Top Mobile App Development Companies 2023 The car […]

Docker Demystified: Understanding Containers, Images, and Layers

Content Installing Docker on Your System with the Universal Installation Script Easy app running What’s Docker Engine got to do with Docker? Use containers to Build, Share and Run your applications Installing and Using MariaDB via Docker Downloading an Image Running and Stopping the Container AppOptics achieves this by picking up metrics directly from the […]

DevOps Team Structure BMC Software Blogs

Teams should break down silos and find a common ground to seamlessly communicate and collaborate. It should happen right from business perspectives to deployment and maintenance across all stakeholders, departments, and stages of development. With different tools, technologies, processes, and people, achieving this is a herculean task. It only happens when everyone imbibes this change, […]

What is a UX Engineer? User Experience Engineer Role Explained

Content UI UX Designer Responsibilities: Duties & Responsibilities 10 Technical Skills What does a UX Designer do? Duties & Responsibilities 4 UX Engineer’s Skill Set & Responsibilities What does a UX Engineer do? The UXE is responsible for building new components from design files. Human computer interaction is similar to interaction design but focuses on […]