That every single from other differs, initially confess Following, that he varies from himself no fewer: Add Nature’s, custom’s reason’s passion’s strife, And all opinion’s colors cast on lifestyle. Our depths who fathoms, or our shallows finds, Brief whirls, and shifting eddies, of our minds? On human actions rationale even though you can, It might be rationale, but it is not guy: His basic principle of motion when investigate, That prompt ‘tis his principle no extra.

Like next lifestyle by means of creatures you dissect, You eliminate it in the second you detect. Yet far more the difference is as wonderful in between The optics seeing, as the item viewed. All manners get a tincture from our individual Or arrive discoloured by means of our passions revealed.

Or fancy’s beam enlarges, multiplies, Contracts, inverts, and provides ten thousand dyes. Nor will life’s stream for observation continue to be, It hurries all much too rapidly to mark their way: In vain sedate reflections we would make, When fifty percent our know-how we must snatch, not acquire.

Oft, in the passion’s wild rotation tost, Our spring of motion to ourselves is missing: Tired, not determined, to the past we produce, And what will come then is learn of the industry. As the previous picture of that troubled heap, When sense subsides, and fancy sporting activities in slumber (However earlier the recollection of the believed), Will become the stuff of which our desire is wrought: Something as dim to our inner view, Is as a result, possibly, the induce of most we do. True, some are open up, and to all gentlemen known Others so really near, they are hid from none (So darkness strikes the feeling no significantly less than light), Therefore gracious Chandos is beloved at sight And each boy or girl hates Shylock, while his soul Continue to sits at squat, and peeps not from its gap. At half mankind when generous Manly raves, All know ‘tis advantage, for he thinks them knaves: When universal homage Umbra pays, All see ‘tis vice, and itch of vulgar praise. When flattery glares, all dislike it in a queen, While a single there is who charms us with his spleen.

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But these simple characters we rarely obtain Nevertheless solid the bent, however quick the turns of brain: Or puzzling contraries confound the entire Or affectations really reverse the soul. The uninteresting, flat falsehood serves for plan And in the cunning, reality itself’s a lie: Unthought-of frailties cheat us in the smart The idiot lies hid in inconsistencies.

See the similar man, in vigour, in the gout On your own, in business in area, or out Early at business, and at hazard late Mad at a fox-chase, smart at a debate Drunk at a borough, civil at a ball Friendly at Hackney, faithless at Whitehall. Catius is ever moral, ever grave, Thinks who endures a knave is future a knave, Save just at supper-then prefers, no question, A rogue with venison to a saint with no.

Who would not praise Patritio’s substantial desert, His hand unstained, his uncorrupted heart, His in depth head! all passions weighed, All Europe saved, nevertheless Britain not betrayed. He thanks you not, his pride is in piquet, Newmarket-fame, and judgment at a bet. What manufactured (say Montagne, or extra sage Charron) Otho a warrior, Cromwell a buffoon? A perjured prince a leaden saint revere, A godless regent tremble at a star? The throne a bigot retain, a genius quit, Faithless through piety, and duped by way of wit? Europe a girl, little one, or dotard rule, And just her wisest monarch built a fool? Know, God and Character only are the similar: In man, the judgment shoots at flying activity, A fowl of passage! absent as before long as identified, Now in the moon, potentially, now under floor. In vain the sage, with retrospective eye, Would from the apparent what conclude the why, Infer the motive from the deed, and show, That what we chanced was what we intended to do.

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